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Founded in 2010 as a manufacturer and exporter specializing in disposable dental products, Shanghai Ristea Industries Co., Ltd. Is a professional business partner that you can always trust.

Focusing on production and exporting of disposable dental products, laboratory dental products, high speed handpiece and portable dental unit system, Ristea has already built a worldwide client network. Instead of being lured by short term profits, what we are chasing for is to establish a life long cooperation relationship with our clients. And that makes our consistent priority be providing tailor made, high quality as well as extremely competitive prices to our clients. We know exactly that continuously satisfying our clients is the golden rule for Ristea's endless development.

Choose Ristea as an auspicious step towards your success, you will find that a group of highly skilled Ristea people are always right here to support you and keep our promise to you: Meeting your every need!

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